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Referendum on Election or Hiring of Village Clerk-Treasurer

What does the Clerk-Treasurer do?

  • Coordinates all village elections, maintains all official village records and municipal code, processes all alcohol, short term rentals, bartenders, direct sellers and other village licenses, permits and applications, receives bids and other legal filings, and drafts and ensures publication and notice requirements are met for various legal processes.
  • Reconciles monthly accounts, collects outstanding taxes and payments and receives and reconciles room tax payments.

Why is the board considering action?

  • The only requirement for the election of the Clerk-Treasurer is that a candidate must be 18 years old and a village resident. The current election process does not ensure that the most qualified candidate is hired for the position.
  • Elections are becoming more and more regulated each year. The election law and election process are complex and require extensive training to ensure the integrity and accuracy of elections.
  • The majority of Clerks, Treasurers and Clerk-Treasurer positions across the state are hired by the local municipality through a traditional hiring process, including all Green Bay metro municipal clerks and treasurers.

April 7 Ballot Question

Should the Village of Ashwaubenon charter ordinance be amended to provide for an appointed instead of elected clerk-treasurer in order to allow the treasurer duties to be absorbed by current staff and ensure the most qualified candidate for the clerk position due to the training and expertise necessary to run elections and other essential administrative functions?

  • YES     Authorizes the Village Board to amend the charter ordinance so that it may hire the most qualified candidate for clerk at the next vacancy of the position and for the treasurer duties to be absorbed by current staff in the finance department.

  • NO      No changes would be made to the current elected Clerk-Treasurer position.