Alert:  Village Spring Brush Pick-Up begins April 12! 

Spring Brush Pick-Up

A friendly reminder regarding residential curbside brush pick-up:
Happy Spring from Ashwaubenon Public Works! With the growing season now upon us, we’d like to pass along a couple friendly reminders regarding our curbside brush pick-up that will help us get through the Village as efficiently as possible and provide this service to you in a quicker timeframe as well.
With respect to the volume of brush put out to the curb, any resident completing some tree trimming or removal themselves can put those trimmings out for pick-up. If a resident hires a contractor to complete large scale trimming or tree removals, the limbs, logs and associated trimmings are to be taken away by that contractor. This is especially important to note as we head into a period of time where EAB impacts trees and there will be numerous tree removals in the coming years. The curbside brush pick-up is meant for trimings and not full-scale tree removals. By everyone following this guidance, we will be able to provide curbside brush pick-up in a timely manner for all residents.
When bringing brush out to the curb, please place the limbs with the cut section facing the street and all limbs facing the same direction. Again, this allows us to remove your branches quicker and allows us to service more residents through the course of a day.
Thank you very much for your help as by following these couple reminders, it’ll help us get your brush removed quicker. As always, please visit the Village of Ashwaubenon website if you have any questions or call us at (920) 492.2310.