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Public Works Operation Update - 5/22/2020

As you know, this week was Large Rubbish Pick-Up week and if you drove through the Village, you may have noticed that the volumes were up for this month.  In order to complete the collection process within the week timeframe, all Public Works crew members not operating normal refuse and recycling collection were dispatched to work on large rubbish collection.  We appreciate everyone’s patience not only this week but also for the past couple months when we adjusted various schedules in response to the pandemic.  While the schedule changes were difficult for everyone, we appreciate your understanding that it was being done so for the safety of our crews and the long-term continuity of services.  Moving forward, the schedule of Public Works activities that you’ve come to expect should now follow the annual calendar (  With the end of the week upon us, Ashwaubenon Public Works wanted to send out a couple notes gearing up for next week regarding Spring Grass and Leaf Collection and Curbside Branch Collection/Chipping. 

Spring Grass & Leaf Collection

Crews will start a final pass through the Village for grass and leaf collection the week of May 26th through May 29th.  Please have any grass or leaves out to the curb for collection no later than the morning of Tuesday, May 26th.

Curbside Branch Collection/Chipping

After being shut down this week for large rubbish Pick-Up, crews will resume branch collection/chipping on Tuesday, May 26th.  As a friendly reminder, any resident completing some tree trimming or removal themselves can put those trimmings out for pick-up.  We do, however, ask that if a service is hired to come and remove a tree or do large-scale triming, that you have them complete the chipping as part of their work or haul away their trimmings when done.  We ask this as courtesy to all of the Village residents as we want to provide this service in a timely manner and following this guidance would greatly assist us accomplishing that.  Also, when bringing brush out to the curb, please place the limbs with the cut section facing the street and all limbs facing the same direction.  Again, this allows us to remove your branches quicker and allows us to service more residents through the course of a day.

Thank you everyone and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!