Mailbox Regulations

The U.S. Postal Service determines the proper local route mailbox installation regulations for local mail delivery.  Unfortunately many mailboxes are not installed properly in the Village, and can be damaged while the Department of Public Works crews are providing such services as snow plowing, street cleaning, recycling and solid waste collection.

Residents of the Village are reminded that the Village will not be responsible for any damage caused to a local mailboxes, which was not properly installed.  Also, motor route newspaper boxes mounted to the mailboxes, which obstruct the recommended clearance under a mailbox, may cause damage that will not be covered by the Village.

In the event that your mailbox was damaged, please contact our office at 920.492.2310, within 2-3 business days, a crew member will come to your residence, check the damage, and advise.  If this happens during the snow plowing season, the Village will assist in completing a temporary repair to your mailbox so that mail delivery continues. The Village will then complete a permanent repair of the mailbox in the spring.  Village residents also have the option of completing their own permanent repair and submitting pictures of the completed work along with copies of their receipts for reimbursement up to $50.00.

If you are installing your own mailbox, and would like confirmation that the height is correct, please feel free to contact us at 920.492.2310, and one of our crew members will come to your residence to verify placement.