Citizens Academy / VIPS

The Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety opens its doors and invites the public inside to learn about the Public Safety Department.   The goal of the Citizens’ Academy program is to “break barriers and build bridges: between the citizens of the community and the personnel of the Department.  You will meet many Ashwaubenon Public Safety Officers while participating in the Academy, as the officers teach all of the classes.   The classes offered in the Academy relate to the daily duties and responsibilities of the officers.  

The Academy teaches the public about the responsibilities of the Public Safety Officers and their individual responsibilities as a citizen.   The Academy is offered once a year and lasts ten weeks.   The topics include: history of the Department, telecommunications, traffic accidents, gangs, court, defense and arrest tactics, drug impaired driving, firearms, crime prevention, D.A.R.E., school liaison, emergency medical operations, fire operations, investigations, bike patrol, and ends with a graduation ceremony.   As a participant in the Academy, you will experience many hands-on activities throughout the classes.

The Department also offers an Advanced Citizens Academy every two years, normally in the fall.   The Advanced Academy is offered to graduates of the basic academy.   This program updates graduates on new programs and goes in depth with current Department services.  Prior participation in the Citizen Academy Class is a prerequisite.

Once a participant graduates from the Citizens' Academy program, he/she is invited to join the Ashwaubenon Citizen Academy Alumni Association/VIPS.  The Alumni/VIPS are a fantastic group of volunteers who assist the department in a number of programs.  They also participate in fund raising activities in order to provide the department with non-budgeted equipment.

If you are interested in participating in the Citizens' Academy Program to learn about the Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety, please call 920.492.2995 for more information or fill out an application form to join.


Phone: 920.492.2995
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Brian Amenson
Captain of Investigations
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Confidential Administrative Assistant