Fort Howard Park

Fort Howard is a 13 acre park that is located at 2172 South Broadway.  Fort Howard Park was named after the Fort Howard Paper Company.  Fort Howard Paper owned the land with intentions of putting up warehouses. Three women in the Ashwaubenon Community (Mrs. Gordy Larsen, Ruth Rademaker and Lois Aubinger), convinced Mr. John Cofrin (then owner of Fort Howard) to rent the property to the Village for $1 per year, for use as a park in 1959. The company annexed to Green Bay, tensions were high and the Village moved to condemn the land. In 1977, most of the property was given to the Village in “exchange” for an unused parcel that the Village owned east of Broadway. Small pieces of property have been acquired since that date to make up the parks current size

  • Free Summer Lunch Program
  • One Basketball Court
  • Three Soccer Fields
  • Six Pickleball Courts
  • Playground Area
  • Picnic Table
  • Open Air Shelter
  • Walking & Biking Trails