Municipal Court Response

Due to the need for all of us to take extraordinary precautions during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we want you to know the precautions we are taking for everyone’s safety.

  • If you are sick, DO NOT APPEAR.  It is your responsibility to contact the court 920.492.2307 to discuss your options if you cannot appear.  If you fail to appear or contact the court office, you will be found guilty by default and a fine will be assessed.
  • Everyone entering the courtroom MUST have a face covering or mask. We WILL NOT provide one for you.
  • Social Distancing:  The chairs in the courtroom will be 6 feet apart; We ask that you maintain social distancing of 6 feet from each other while in the hallway as well.  Everyone will be in the courtroom at the time of Judge Wickert’s opening statement, then during the court proceeding, we will only allow 5 defendants in the courtroom at a time. 
  • We ask that you come to your court appearance alone, if possible.  The only exceptions to this are juveniles and/or those that need someone to drive them here.  Anyone accompanying someone for court (non-juvenile), will either be asked to wait in the hallway or in their vehicle.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for your use.
  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes will also be provided for your use.
  • The courtroom will be cleaned and sanitized after each court session.


Phone: 920.492.2307
Fax: 920.492.2321
Hon. Gary Wickert
Municipal Judge