Timing & Financing

Below is a DRAFT construction schedule for all 3 projects (click the image to enlarge).  Construction for all 3 projects is expected to start in Spring 2015 and be completed by Summer 2016

The  timing and financing of these possible projects have been carefully considered in order to meet current and future needs while minimizing the tax impact on our taxpayers.


As stated on the main page, ideas and options for some of these projects have been discussed for over 20 years as shown below.

  • 1992 District-wide referendum (failed)
  • 1999 High School referendum (passed but Auditorium & Pool removed from plan)
  • 2006-2008 Auditorium committee formed, worked with architects
  • 2009-2010 Pool committee formed, worked with architects
  • 2011 Community Center renovations/addition options studied.

Options considered over the years include a new pool behind the AHS Fieldhouse, renovating the Auditorium in its current location, building a new Auditorium on the north side of AHS, renovating and/or adding onto the Community Center in its current location. We've also looked into a single facility housing two or all three of the project components. See the Photo Gallery below for those configurations.

Because interest rates continue to be at historic lows and financing the debt through the Village (vs. the School District) would significantly reduce the tax impact, this may be a good time to consider building projects such as these.


Taxpayers will vote separately on each of the three proposed facility projects. The projects would be financed through the Village because it would cost Ashwaubenon taxpayers 41% more if the projects were financed through the School District.  In other words, because of the current Wisconsin school funding formula, for every $1.00 financed by the Village, it would cost the taxpayers $1.41 if the projects were financed by the School District.

The table below shows the annual tax impact for various project costs, financed over 20 years through the Village. 20 years is the typical financing term for projects such as these.

POOL Optional
Facility Cost
(Not to Exceed)
$8 million $3.9 million $7.5 million $1.5 million 
Annual tax impact
per $100,000 of home value
financed through the Village
$29 /yr $14 /yr $27 / yr $5 /yr
Reduced tax impact
community-wide since financed
through Village (vs School District)
$3.3 million N/A $3.1 million  $0.6 million