Community Swimming Pool

The Ashwaubenon High School / Community swimming pool is a shared-use facility. AHS uses the pool for the Boys and Girls Swim Teams and physical education classes. Village use of the pool is 52% of the facility's total usage. Village use includes swim clubs, a wide variety of park and recreation programming and rental to Ashwaubenon residents for birthday parties, outings, etc. The pool is open more than 16 hours per day year-round. Last year, individual swimming pool and spectator use exceeded 54,000 visits.

Aged Facility Is Inefficient & Costly To Repair

At 48 years-old, the pool is not energy efficient and has exceeded its expected life.  Because of its age, repair and service are much more complicated and costly. Most parts for the plumbing and pumping systems need to be custom made because stock parts are no longer available.

Lack of Programming

Due to the size of the pool and surrounding space, programming is severely limited. Consequently, the facility is unable to serve the whole community including water exercise, senior citizens groups and lessons.  A new facility would allow us to offer village residents numerous more opportunities for activities and programming. See Optional Warm-water Activity Pool topic below.

Inability To Host Larger Swim Meets

Due to the present facility's size and only having 5 lanes, high school swim teams and the swim club are unable to host their own invitational meets. These type of events can consist of 15 to 16 teams and a few hundred swimmers. This could draw hundreds of spectators into our community. A new facility would also provide the ability to host sectional and regional meets, drawing thousands of visitors into our village.

ADA Accessibility Is Difficult

Disability/handicapped access to the pool is difficult at best. As a result, it is underutilized by this population of users. The pool is accessible to handicapped users only through a lift system, which is outdated, worn, cumbersome, and difficult to use.

Optional Warm-Water Activity Pool

A 4th referendum question will be asked to see if the community will support an optional warm-water activity pool primarily for senior citizen and youth program activites. This option will only be constructed if the large pool question passes and this warm-water pool question passes.

CONCEPTUAL LAYOUT FOR A POOL (click picture to enlarge)

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