Community Center

The Community Center is used annually by more than 25,000 people.  Last year, 429 rental/use agreements were issued to individuals, clubs and organizations of all sizes including the VFW, youth sports, graduation/birthday/wedding parties and the local technical college. The Center accommodates Village-run classes and programs, senior citizen events and is used as a gathering place for many walks, runs and community events. However, due to capacity constraints and scheduling conflicts, many Village groups are denied use.

The Community Center has been operated by the Village since 1968, and can only be rented by Ashwaubenon residents or organizations which benefit the Ashwaubenon community.

Aged & Outdated

At 45 years old, the Center’s meeting rooms, restrooms and kitchen have become outdated and worn. The kitchen should have commercial sink and amenities. The office is formed by partial walls in the old concession/skate area rental space. These conditions have deterred rentals.

Restrooms Not ADA Accessible

A facility use analysis identified the need to upgrade restrooms to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards.

Lack of Space

Many groups cannot be accommodated with the current room capacities. The center is 5,800 square feet which includes 3,800 square feet for meetings. Seating capacity is listed at 150 for the front room and 60 for the back room. This is extremely tight for presentations and not suitable for dining purposes. The front room is 40' by 60' (2,400 sq.ft.) and the back room is 35' by 40' (1,400 sq.ft.). The remaining space is for offices, storage, kitchen and restrooms.

Inefficient Heating/Cooling Systems

The boiler heating system inefficient and requires annual repairs to keep it running. A WPS energy audit found the facilities’ heating/ventilation system very inefficient causing uncontrolled temperature variations and recommends replacing the boiler and air-conditioning system to reduce ongoing operational costs. The boiler is loud when the motor turns on, making it hard to concentrate on anything in the back room. The air conditioning unit leaks onto front room floor.

Will Remain A Non-Staffed Facility

The Village does not have any additional funds for staffing. The Community Center, if rebuilt or remodeled, thus needs to be a program based/rental facility (no ongoing staffing). As such, the maintenance design plays an important role. Groups clean up after themselves so the maintenance areas/mop sinks, etc. must be accessible and easy to use by the general public.

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