Community Auditorium

The auditorium is used more frequently than any classroom in the District.  The facility is used for performing arts and music events, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, tournaments, workshops, meetings, class activities and special community presentations.  Last year, individual performer and spectator use exceeded 52,000 visits.

 At 48 years-old, the facility has exceeded its expected life.  The auditorium only holds 440 spectators, even though the student population has more than doubled since its original construction in 1965.  Today, more than 1,000 students attend the high school, which the auditorium cannot fully accommodate as evidenced by facility outsourcing of all-band concerts and restrictions on concert size and other performances. The auditorium is too small for a community of our size and is in need of significant repair.  A facility use analysis confirmed by Bray Architects identified the issue below.

Unsafe Conditions Restrict Use

  • Auditorium does not meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards; no wheelchair seating exists, and limited handicap access for audience seats is a significant issue
  • On-stage set construction creates restricted student access and safety concerns
  • Ventilation and air quality concerns exist during hot days with a full house
  • Only 3 audience exits prohibit efficient evacuation of house for intermissions, departure, and in the case of emergency; most auditoriums have double this number
  • Mezzanine access is restricted due to OSHA walkway non-compliance
  • Lack of an orchestra pit leads to a "makeshift" pit band at front/side of stage, situated too close to large set pieces and performance space and restricts safe passageway between house, band, and stage
  • The single dressing room is too small to accommodate both sexes and an average cast size for performances, leading to cramped quarters, trips, falls, ripped costumes, lack of privacy, and inadequate space to safely maneuver and change attire

Space / Capacity Doesn't Meet Current Demand & Population

  • Stage is 66% smaller than needed to accommodate
  • Seating capacity is 35% smaller than needed
  • Wing space is 73% smaller than needed

Lack of Features to Meet Current Needs

  • No orchestra pit
  • No male dressing room or performance on-call space
  • No stagecraft shop space or storage
  • No light booth or sound patio
  • No fly rigging to safely drop in and pull out scenery pieces

CONCEPTUAL LAYOUT FOR AN AUDITORIUM (click picture to enlarge)

AUDITORIUM & POOL SITE DRAWING (click picture to enlarge)