Ashwaubenon Community Facilities Referendum



Together, we recognize the superior quality of services and education our residents are provided in our community and the need for important facility improvements necessary to support the quality services we have come to expect in Ashwaubenon.

Ashwaubenon will continue to position itself as a desirable residential community, educational leader, and innovator by addressing budget limitations with the help of family members, community members, employers, and educators alike. With this in mind, an independent group of volunteers is working to raise funds for any "extra" supplies, amenities, or equipment that will optimize, enhance, and elevate the variety of uses for these facilities.

All projects offer a variety of donor options, and donors providing gifts of $250 and above will be recognized on either the facility seats or the recognition walls in the lobby area of each facility for community members to acknowledge for years to come. Donor levels for formal recognition are detailed in the documents below:

Donor/Recognition Letter

Aquatic Center Fund Flyer 

Auditorium Fund Flyer

Community Center Fund Flyer

Ashwaubenon Facilities Pledge Form

Seat Dedication Form

For those of you who voted, regardless of how you voted, THANK YOU for exercising your right that so many men and women, past and present, have fought and sacrificed for. Here is a summary of the results:

(37% voter turnout)
# Yes  % Yes  # No % No Total
Auditorium  2698 72%  1041 28%  3739 
Community Center 2684 72% 1053 28% 3737
Swimming Pool 2814 75% 928 25%  3742
Warm Water Activity Pool  2563 69% 1175 31% 3738

The Village of Ashwaubenon and the Ashwaubenon School District are partnering to explore the possibility of upgrading several well used facilities in our community. The facilities being studied are a:

  • Community Auditorium
  • Community Center
  • Community Swimming Pool & optional Warm-water Activity Pool

Ideas and options for some of these projects have been discussed for more than 20 years!  To formalize our planning process, the Ashwaubenon Community Facilities Steering Committee was formed last year with representation from the School District, Village as well as individuals from the community.  Detailed information on the work done to date can be found on this website.

Because interest rates continue to be at historic lows and financing the debt through the Village (vs. the School District) would significantly reduce the tax impact, this may be a good time to consider building projects such as these.

While we have heard many ideas, plans must reflect the priorities of our taxpayers.  Therefore, we gathered your input through Public Information Meetings and a community-wide survey conducted in October 2013.  The survey was conducted by School Perceptions, an independent Wisconsin-based firm, with expertise in conducting community surveys. Survey results were presented at a joint Village Board and School Board meeting on December 9th, 2013. Those results are posted on this website.