Residents Encouraged to Protect Street Trees

With the discovery of EAB in Brown County, The Village of Ashwaubenon (consistent with UW-Extensions recommendations) encourages residents to chemically treat ash trees to prevent being killed by EAB.  Since limited resources preclude us from treating large numbers of the over 1,475 street and park ash trees, residents are encouraged to treat street trees on a preventative basis.  Property While research has shown that no product is 100% effective, a number of effective options are available and may be done by homeowners while others require professional applicators.  Below are links to publications with the latest, research based information about treating for EAB:

An EAB Guide for Homeowners
Homeowner Guide to EAB Treatments
Professionals Guide to EAB Treatments

Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from EAB

In this short video, UW-Madison entomologists Chris Williamson and PJ Liesch demonstrate how homeowners can protect their trees from the EAB. The treatments shown in the video are annual applications and, once applied, the product protects the tree for roughly a year. Many people choose to make annual spring applications in April (right around the time that folks are getting their gardens in order).

Please remember to complete a Village of Ashwaubenon
Tree Work – Permit Application before treating any street trees.  Several reasons for this are:

  • Ensuring trained, licensed contractors are complying with WI State laws and regulations and that Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) are only be applied by professionals
  • Record treatments in our inventory to guide future management decisions
  • To minimize applications by unscrupulous contractors that may harm Ashwaubenon’s urban forest